Accident: Basic concepts and definitions

Accident: Basic concepts and definitions

It is known that any activity is potentially dangerous, and the danger are themselves permanent nature (permanent – permanent, continuously ongoing, from the Latin permaneo – remain, continue).

The potential danger  – the danger of hidden, indefinite in time and space. Realized the potential danger of a cause and if the fallout will be significant, the event is classified as an emergency.

Russian dictionary Ozhegova S. offers the following definition: extreme – exceptional, very large, exceeding all.

In the life of all the deviations from the usual, normal, we call an extraordinary event or situation. In the regulations gives the following definitions.

Emergency (PC)  – is the situation in a particular area, established as a result of an accident, a natural hazard, disaster, natural or other disasters that may cause or have caused human casualties, damage to human health or the environment, considerable material losses and breach of human activity.

Extreme event  – an aberration of processes and phenomena.

Accident  – is the ultimate man-made event, which occurred on the design, production, technological or operational reasons, or due to random external influences, and consisting of injury and damage to, destruction of technical equipment or structures.

Production or transport accident  – is a major accident, resulted in a loss of life, property damage and other serious consequences.

Natural hazards  – it is a natural event of natural origin, which by its intensity, extent and duration may have negative consequences for the life of the people, economy and environment.

Natural disaster  – this catastrophic natural phenomenon (or process), which can cause numerous casualties, property damage, and other serious consequences.

Environmental disaster (environmental disaster)  – extraordinary large-scale event, caused by a change (due to human activity) state land, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere, accompanied by massive loss of living organisms and economic losses.