Accidents at work

Accident at work

Investigated and to be recorded as accidents: trauma, acute poisoning, heat stroke, burns, frostbite, drowning, electric shock, lightning, radiation, insect bites and reptiles injuries inflicted by animals, damage resulting from explosions , accident, destruction of buildings and structures, natural disasters and other emergencies – which led to the need to transfer the employee to another job, temporary or permanent loss of his disability or death of the employee, if they occurred:

• during business hours in the organization or outside it (including during set breaks), as well as the time required to clean the instruments of production, and clothing before and after work, or when working overtime weekends and public holidays;

• proceeding to the place of work or from work to transport provided by the employer (his representative) or by private transport in the case of the said vehicles for business purposes at the direction of the employer (or his representative) or by agreement of the parties to the employment contract;

• proceeding to take a business trip and back;

• adherence to the vehicle as a mate during the rest between (Driver-changer in the vehicle, the conductor or engineer in the refrigerated section of the train, etc.);

And work in shifts during the rest between, and when on the vessel free from the watch and vessel work time;

• Involvement of employees to participate in the relief effort, accidents and other emergencies of natural and man-made disasters;

• the implementation of actions that are not in the labor obligations of the employee, but committed in the interest of the employer (or his representative), or to prevent an accident or injury.

Investigation and to be registered industrial accidents that have occurred:

• with employees who perform work on a contract basis;

• students and students undergoing practical training in organizations;

• persons sentenced to imprisonment and allowed to work the administration of the organization;

• other persons involved in the production activities of the organization or individual entrepreneur.

An accident at work that occurred with a person directed to carry out work for another employer, investigation committee formed by the employer, who has had an accident. If the accident occurred with the employee organizations performing work at the allocated site to another organization, he investigated and considered the organization that produces these works. The accident, which occurred with the employee in the performance of part-time work, investigated and recorded at the location where the work is part-time.

Group accident recognizes such injuring two workers or more. Group to investigate an accident at work, heavy industrial accident, occupational accident fatalities included in the Commission State labor inspectors, representatives of executive authority or local authority (as agreed), a representative of the territorial association of professional unions . Employer image and to its member states, led by the state labor inspectors.