Risk of accident


In the operating environment, accidents can lead to serious consequences and long-term disability. The risk of an accident depends on the situation and do not necessarily present time. To prevent an accident should consider working methods and technical solutions, and to ensure good behavior in the establishment and management.

Identify potential issues

In assessing the risk of accident in the workplace consider the possibility of dangerous situations. Particularly focus on the following aspects.

Lifting weights
when lifting heavy loads may occur danger of an accident, for example, when there are no suitable aids for lifting heavy objects – such as, for example, equipment for cleaning and tidying, hearses and coffins, or when the aids are not used. The danger of accident is higher if the performance is not enough room.

Hand tools and appliances
Risk of accident also occurs when working with hand tools and appliances. It may occur, for example, if the tool is used on a wrong destination, or if maintenance is performed poorly.

Falling and tripping
accidents related to falling and stumbling can occur, for example, when lying on the floor thing, or the movement of the stairs is done carefully. As should consider how to avoid the slippery track in the winter.

Problem solving

In order to avoid many accidents, typically enough to care, training workers in safe working practices, a thorough briefing and use of technical aids. One could, for example, to establish rules concerning the maintenance of order, for example, who and how to tidy up. Work should be at a reasonable pace.

Additional information about the dangers of accident

Selection of materials for the avoidance and prevention of accidents can be found at the thematic portal site of the accident.