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The main causes of accidents at work

The main causes of accidents

Conventionally, they can be divided into organizational, technological, sanitary-hygienic and physiological reasons.

Industrial disease

Industrial disease

Industrial disease– a chronic or acute illness of the insured person, resulting from exposure to harmful (hazardous) industrial (manufacturing) the factor (s) and the resulting temporary or permanent occupational disability.

Accidents at work

Accident at work

Investigated and to be recorded as accidents: trauma, acute poisoning, heat stroke, burns, frostbite, drowning, electric shock, lightning, radiation, insect bites and reptiles injuries inflicted by animals, damage resulting from explosions , accident, destruction

Industrial accident

Industrial accident


Industrial accident – an event in which the insured is injured or other injury to the performance of his duties under an employment contract and other requirements established by this Federal Law cases, as in the insurer,