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Psychology Safety


Occupational injuries are called “disease of XX century”. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), deaths from accidents in our time takes 3rd place after cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Moreover, this “disease” affects mainly young people of working age. Unable to come to terms with the suffering and death that brings people to occupational injuries.

Psychology of safety in human activities


On the safety of human influence, and his mental state: the existence of conflicts, fatigue, illness, dependence on drugs, alcohol, nicotine, especially the human psyche. In the presence of hazards (moving parts of machines, aisles clutter, poor lighting, etc.) and the depressed state of the human psyche may occur accidents.

Socially-psychological preconditions accidents


Comprehensive analysis of the circumstances of the accident shows that a significant number of them in one way or another connected with the wrong actions of the employees. Incorrect operations are divided into error – unintentional actions caused by psycho-physiological and situational factors (poor working conditions, deficiencies in the design of equipment, and so on. D.) And conscious infringement.

Psychological causes of accidents. Autoaggression.


Whether there is the matter with you, that you run across the road right in front of a speeding car? Or late at night, returning home in the dark, quiet lanes, choose a short but dangerous journey? So, it’s time to sound the alarm!