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“Accidental injuries” – psychological reasons


It has long been no secret that many diseases are psychosomatic in nature. But if there are psychological reasons that compel us to cross the road in a dangerous place, wear the wrong shoes in ice, under the icy winter walk eaves or not take into account other consumer and industrial risks, leading to the injury?

Insurance risk and insurance case


Insurance risk – the circumstances in which could cause insured event.

The insured event is an accident at work or occupational disease, caused insured professionally caused physical or mental injury, the occurrence of which the insured person acquires the right to receive material support and / or social services.

Psychology and prevention of accidents


Without an understanding of the causes of accidents is almost impossible to prevent them.

88% of all accidents (according to WH Heinrich) caused by improper personnel actions, and only 10% of the unreliability of equipment and 2% of “force majeure” circumstances. Heinrich VH It was proposed “five-factor sequence” of accidents:

Why head of the organization to study occupational safety and health?


Key Issues

  • Who decided that the leader must learn to labor protection?
  • What does this training head of the organization?
  • How to assign responsibilities for the protection of labor between employees of the company?
  • What’s more profitable – to learn or not to learn?
  • What labor protection specialist, if the head deviates from completing the course?