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Risk of accident


In the operating environment, accidents can lead to serious consequences and long-term disability. The risk of an accident depends on the situation and do not necessarily present time. To prevent accidents, you should consider working methods and technical solutions.

Some tips to prevent accidents associated with poisoning


Thanks to the efforts of individuals, communities and government agencies each year reduced the number of deaths related to poisoning by toxic substances. Also a huge role in further reducing the number of accidents associated with the poison, and the family plays. The first thing to consider is that you will take in such a critical situation when it suddenly happens in your family.

How to avoid accidents on the water


The ability to swim well – one of the most important guarantees of safe recreation. But even a good swimmer must observe constant care, discipline and strictly adhere to the rules of behavior on the water.

How to avoid accidents during the autumn fishing

Autumn – favorite time fishing lovers. However, any body of water, even for a long time friend, is a place of particular risk. Therefore, every lover of fish lo effect needed constant attention and adherence to basic safety measures.