“Accidental injuries” – psychological reasons


It has long been no secret that many diseases are psychosomatic in nature. But if there are psychological reasons that compel us to cross the road in a dangerous place, wear the wrong shoes in ice, under the icy winter walk eaves or not take into account other consumer and industrial risks, leading to the injury?

Is there a relationship of mind and such, unpredictable, seemingly thing as an accident?

Psychologists say that, yes.

The main psychological causes of accidents – autoaggression, an attempt by a forced helpless to get what we do not allow yourself and the situation unresolved life choices.


Autoaggression, or in other words, the anger on themselves, occurs most often when we feel guilty and believe that we deserve punishment. That punishment can be illness, accident (for example, an accident) or injury (such as a broken arm or leg). Often, we do not want to admit that there is a sense of guilt. But ignoring the problem transfers to another plane, we are seeking punishment unconsciously and accidentally find it.

Another reason may be the strong anger or resentment, which can not be expressed by the recipient. We can fear response, or deny himself the negative emotions, believing that strong people do not get angry and do not take offense. Awakened aggression in this case, directed at ourselves, and it is sometimes so great that turns into an explicit or implicit unwillingness to live. From close to the attempts to leave a life or unconscious counterpart – an accident.

Means to obtain forbidden

It would seem that may be good in the injury? But the hidden benefits in such a situation a lot. For some time we have to leave the daily activities and slow down, we are not getting to work and rapid interaction with others. We have to be very conscious and samouglublёnnymi, and often this is what we miss most. Daily care problems and unrelenting sense of responsibility forced us to listen to this natural, in fact, request a pause. But the subconscious mind has found a way to get his.

When we are seriously ill or recovering from an injury, we have such an important concern for every human friends and relatives. Not only children, but adults need it. When we ignore their need for attention and care, to “help” comes already familiar to us the mechanism of the accident.

Unresolved crisis changes

Argentine psychologist Julio Granell, the author of the psychoanalytic theory of accidents, said that random injuries – not that other, as a consequence of unfulfilled life choices. Very often an accident is a kind of dramatization of a difficult situation when we decide to be or not to be this or that meaningful relationship, we choose to leave or stay.

“The accident – says Granell – is not an accident but the result of an internal process of the unconscious, which ends fatally. This happens to a person at a certain moment of his life, which is characterized by the presence of a situation which is called Crisis of change, and that man can neither allow nor oppose it. Some people get into an accident, to avoid change, others – can not change anything without getting into an accident.”