Risk of accident


In the operating environment, accidents can lead to serious consequences and long-term disability. The risk of an accident depends on the situation and do not necessarily present time. To prevent accidents, you should consider working methods and technical solutions.

Identify potential issues

To assess the risk of an accident at the plant thoroughly consider the following aspects.

Hand tools, machines / tools and equipment
when working with hand tools and machines / machine tools the danger of an accident may occur, for example, for maintenance and cleaning of working tools and machines, as well as improper use of tools such as power saws and scissors for trimming branches. Machinery / machines should always be placed on a reliable and smooth surface of the base.

Risk of accident also occurs when the automatic system, for example, manure collection systems are not inspected or serviced.

The risk of falling and slipping
associated with falling and slipping accidents can happen when the floor is slippery, muddy, path movement is not maintained and not listed in the order or if, for example, work is done on platforms, ladders or in the trees. Accidents can happen when the path of movement are potholes or bumps, for example, if the storage silo are not provided with security guards, or if carried out roof repairs.

Lifting weights
Risk of accident when lifting weights, for example, when picked up by hand or animal feed bags can occur when no suitable weight lifting utility vehicle or if they are not used for other purposes.

Other hazards
In agriculture, there are dangers associated with animal husbandry – such as, for example, the risk of animal bites or getting hit on the animal. Danger is also working with the gun for anesthesia of animals.

Rainy weather causes wetting of surfaces and materials – not for all of the working methods and machines / tools is taken into account, so the risk of accident in this weather can be higher than normal.

Also, the risk of an accident increases and finding in the workplace are not trained people.

Problem solving

Often, the best way to help prevent an accident a combination of several solutions. A good starting point for preventive action will thoroughly thought-out policy and safety culture, including regular work in order to improve safety at the plant.

Management should ensure that all employees are aware of the strategy and goals of the company and follow them in their daily work.

To create a safe working environment in the sphere of agriculture, forestry and fisheries should focus on the following aspects.

Work planning
Organize the work so that hazardous situations do not arise. Avoid undue haste in carrying out the work. Risk analysis clearly indicates what measures need to be taken – for example, ensure the availability of remedies. To protect employees working alone, should approve the procedure for the registration start and end and commit control phone calls.

Manuals and thorough briefing
Motivate employees to safe behavior in the workplace. Install security as a positive goal, which occupies an important place in everyday working life, and thoroughly instruct the workers in respect of the work they will perform. Ensure correct operation of technical aids – for example, when working with an electric saw or pneumatic cleaning device should use personal protective equipment, ladders should be installed correctly, etc. All the machines / machine tools and technical aids are supplied with instruction manual, which says how to use and maintain, as well as how to safely fix potential problems. Always follow the directions and make sure that every precaution is taken, for example, when working with an electric saw and check the functioning of the winch, use personal protective equipment.

Improvement of the workplace Set a specific procedure for landscaping throughout. Path movement and footpaths should be free from obstacles, they can not store the materials and throw objects.

Analyze accidents
Studying already occurred accidents, you can learn a lot. It is therefore important to establish a certain procedure for the analysis of accidents and dangerous situations that could lead to an accident. Based on the analysis, we can take steps to prevent accidents and to prevent their recurrence.

Management and employees should discuss among themselves the possible danger of an accident, associated with the performance of everyday work tasks. So it is possible to determine the safety of everyday work tasks as a natural part.