Industrial accident

Industrial accident


Industrial accident – an event in which the insured is injured or other injury to the performance of his duties under an employment contract and other requirements established by this Federal Law cases, as in the insurer, and outside or during their journey to and from work or returning from work to transport provided by the insurer, and which resulted in the need to transfer the insured to another job, temporary or permanent loss of their professional capacity or his death.

Note that under the “other cases” means performance of individuals, not only on labor contracts, and individual persons convicted to imprisonment and allowed to work the insured, as well as natural persons who perform work on the basis of a civil contract providing for the payment of contributions “Injury” in the Social Insurance Fund.

In determining whether the incident an accident at work, the employer must establish the following:

  • First, whether the victim is insured under compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases in relation to the employer, in the production of which the accident occurred;
  • second, to establish the facts of what happened and to correlate them with the norms of the law of social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases.

Thus, an accident at work should be considered as an event in which the insured is injured, or other impairment of health at the time he:

  • perform job duties both in the organization and outside it, or
  • followed by the organization of transport to or from work.
  • In addition, the accident is the production, provided that the employee has received a personal injury, as expressed in occupational disability for a period longer than one day, the death of an employee, or if the accident the employee was transferred to another, lighter work.

This is due to the fact that in order to provide compensation for the harm to the employee on compulsory social insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases is to compensate the employee for lost earnings due to the industrial injury.

Only the presence of all of the above characteristics can be attributed to a particular accident category production.

Please note that legislation specifies which events should be considered as an accident at work. These may include injuries, heat stroke, burns, frostbite, shock, lightning, radiation, acute poisoning, insect bites, injuries inflicted by animals, damage resulting from explosions, accidents, destruction of buildings and structures, natural disasters and other emergencies, resulting in the need to transfer the employee to another job, temporary or permanent loss of his disability or death of the employee.

Accident at work is

All of the above incidents will be accidents at work, only if they occurred:

  • during normal business hours in the organization or outside of it,
  • as well as the time required to clean the instruments of production, and clothing before and after work or when working overtime, weekends and public holidays,
  • proceeding to the place of work or from work to transport provided by the employer or by private transport in the case of the said vehicles for business purposes at the direction of the employer or by agreement of the parties to the employment contract;
  • on proceeding to take a business trip and back. Particular consideration in determining whether the accident occurred on the road, industrial, should be on the route of the victim, which is indicated in the travel documents. If the place where the accident occurred, they are not indicated, by its production can be attributed;
  • when following a vehicle as a mate during the rest between;
  • when working in shifts during the rest between, and when on the vessel free from the watch and vessel work time;
  • in attracting workers in the prescribed manner to participate in the aftermath of disasters, accidents and other emergencies of natural and man-made disasters;
  • when taking action outside the employee’s job duties, but conducted in the interest of the employer, or to prevent an accident or injury.