Some tips to prevent accidents associated with poisoning


Thanks to the efforts of individuals, communities and government agencies each year reduced the number of deaths related to poisoning by toxic substances. Also a huge role in further reducing the number of accidents associated with the poison, and the family plays. The first thing to consider is that you will take in such a critical situation when it suddenly happens in your family.

The most important thing you should consider – a list of phone numbers, which are listed numbers of local medical centers, which provide emergency assistance in cases of poisoning with poison, and phone numbers of your doctor and nurse. This list of phone numbers you need to hang up or put next to the phone. If you have family members who have poor eyesight, to bottles with color-coded medications and keep all medicines in containers, which are located in the reach of children. It is mandatory to ensure that the old drugs were thrown in the garbage disposal or washed into the toilet tank.

Harmful or poisonous plants should be kept out of children’s reach, and children need to explain that they should not take the medication in your mouth or any unfamiliar foods that have lost their fresh appearance and have an unpleasant odor. You should avoid mixing caustic product with other household products, because they can occur dangerous and unpredictable reaction to the human body.

Cosmetics, shampoos, detergents for the bathroom and kitchen, as well as alcoholic beverages must be stored in places where a child can not reach them, and it is desirable that the castles were closed cabinets that hold these funds. Without fail you should check toys, paint or finish on the furniture to make sure that they are not toxic and do not bring any harm to your health or the health of your child. Some houses have a furnace, and if you live in a house, it is very important that every year a special professional examination.

Gates should be given in order to avoid rust on them and that there was no damage, and chimneys were free and were not overwhelmed, what some objects, materials and lumber. This should be checked regularly, at least, at least for each season. When you are engaged in the repair of a vehicle or motorized equipment or use the gas grill or grill on charcoal, do it outdoors or in specially designated areas in your home. If possible, install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Insecticides, cleaners and corrosives must be kept as far away from the places where most are your children, and where they can not reach. It would also be a good idea to keep in the house tranquilizers, narcotic drugs for emergencies, but only with the permission and advice of your doctor or a public health center to control toxic substances.

Do not hesitate to call the doctor, nurse or a representative from the medical center to control toxic substances, and ask them any questions you may have. Remember that you have a valid, suitable for use inhalers on the shelves in the house and if they suddenly will be accessible to children, can lead to undesirable consequences, since children are very curious. They can always breathe or sprinkle the contents of inhalers that also contains hazardous substances to children’s health.

Finally, people who are well known toxic substances, and he also knows where they are and that they are inaccessible to children and adopted for that all preventive measures, never experience an accident that could happen to them or with relatives his people.