Why head of the organization to study occupational safety and health?


Key Issues

  • Who decided that the leader must learn to labor protection?
  • What does this training head of the organization?
  • How to assign responsibilities for the protection of labor between employees of the company?
  • What’s more profitable – to learn or not to learn?
  • What labor protection specialist, if the head deviates from completing the course?

The legal framework

Who decided that the leader must learn to labor protection

The leaders are often in doubt whether or not you need to be trained in health and safety. And it happens that the CEO at all surprised when he hears that “work should be protected,” and moreover, that it has to learn.

We can not agree that the busy schedule the head is difficult to set aside time for training, which lasts an average of 40 hours. And often convince the director to sit behind the desk fails. Let’s see, it is more profitable to the head, to learn or not to learn?

All employees, including managers and organizations are another test of knowledge on labor protection at least once every three years. It is controlled by the federal labor inspectorate. State labor inspector has the right to issue an order of suspension head of the organization, if he is not trained, instructed, or examination on labor protection. If the leader does not fulfill the requirements of the inspector, he can be fined, and in the worst case, be disqualified.

What gives safety training head of the organization

After a mandatory safety training, the head will be able to:

  • Avoid penalties during inspections of various regulatory bodies and to save the company money;
  • get a landmark in the complex area of ​​law and to choose a reliable professional, you can transfer the powers of labor protection in the organization;
  • properly assign responsibilities for health and safety in the company and be quiet for the safety of their employees.


Director of “Cyclone” attracted to the work on a day off at the transformer substation employee who had access to this kind of work. The slave went to the room substation to carry out repairs on a damaged unit. He was sure that the electricity is turned off, but it turned out that it is not. During repair worker electric shock from the cable transit and he died on the spot.

Relatives of the deceased worker, considering the employer guilty of death, demanded to pay them compensation. The head of the court said he did not know where the cable transit. However, he was found guilty. In the end, with the death of an employee of the employer sought 230,000 rubles. If the head has passed mandatory safety training, organized by the necessary instructions to the employee, the accident could have been avoided.

To the Director General may delegate authority on labor protection

There are several typical situations when the CEO delegates authority for the protection of other workers.

1. The situation in the organization with more than 50 people introduce the post of labor protection specialist. He must have experience in the field of occupational safety and health or higher education in the specialty “safety of Technosphere”, or higher education and vocational education further in the field of labor.

Articles in the topic

For more information about what are the checks on occupational safety, which agencies they spend, and what sanctions could threaten the company for violations described in the article.

If the number of employees more than 100 people, it is best to organize the service of occupational safety. Her manager must have experience in the field of occupational safety at least five years, and higher education in “Technosphere safety” or higher education and vocational education further in the field of labor.

In those cases where the production has harmful and dangerous factors, labor protection specialist is desirable to administer and employing less than 50 people.

Situation 2. Labour Protection Service, or as a specialist on labor protection are not introduced, because there is no harmful production and the number of employees less than 50 people. Then deal with occupational safety and health can be charged to any employee. Typically, the choice falls on the personnel, at least an accountant. In any case, the decision rests with the employer.

Selected employees need to send for training in occupational safety and health. After that, he will be able to fully and legally perform their duties.

3. The situation in the organization with up to 50 people the employer is engaged in the protection of their own labor. Most often, this option is possible in microenterprises with up to 15 people.

Situation 4. In organizations with up to 50 safety issues can be outsourced to a specialized organization. It should have a state accreditation for the right to provide services for health and safety.

Articles in the topic

In any case, for violation of labor protection, identifying, for example, the labor inspector, responsible head of the organization. Therefore, it would be useful to have knowledge in matters of health and safety. And without education is impossible.

What labor protection specialist if sleeves turer evades-training

First, ask them to read this article. Perhaps the Director General just have to reiterate that it is constantly postponed indefinitely.

Secondly, think about what is interesting to your boss, and how it can be linked with training on occupational safety. For example:

  1. If the manager is aimed at the continuous development of their business, hint to him that in the labor safety training is quite possible to make useful contacts with the heads of other organizations.
  2. Your boss – a fan of computer technology and easily masters new program? Tell him aboutinteractive training on occupational safety, which is practiced by some training centers.Computer software algorithms allow us to consider out of difficult situations that may arise in the organization.
  3. The head of mission continuously and is rarely seen in the workplace? Consider the option of remote training on occupational safety. The head can be trained at a convenient time and in any place where there is Internet access.