Insurance risk and insurance case


Insurance risk – the circumstances in which could cause insured event.

The insured event is an accident at work or occupational disease, caused insured professionally caused physical or mental injury, the occurrence of which the insured person acquires the right to receive material support and / or social services.

Occupational disease is an insurance event in case of its establishment or to identify the period when the victim was not involved in an employment relationship with the company, where he fell ill.

An accident or an occupational disease that occurred as a result of violation of regulations on labor protection to the insured is also insured event.

Violation of the rules of labor protection to the insured, resulting in an accident or occupational illness, does not relieve the insurer to fulfill its obligations to the victims.

The basis for the payment of the affected health care costs, carrying out medical, professional and social rehabilitation, as well as insurance payments is the act of an investigation of an accident or an act of investigation occupational disease (poisoning) in the prescribed form.

The accident – it is a limited time event or a sudden impact on worker safety hazards or the environment have occurred during the performance of work duties, which caused the injury or death.

In some cases, if there are grounds, the Social Insurance Fund of accidents may recognize insurance accident occurred in circumstances not covered by the list.

By occupational disease belongs to a disease resulting from the professional activity of the insured and is due solely (or primarily) the influence of harmful substances, and certain types of work, and other factors associated with work.

In some cases, the Social Insurance Fund of accidents may recognize insurance cases are not included in the list of professional, if at the moment of decision-making, medical science has new information that gives reason to believe it is a professional disease.

Prevention of accidents

Fund of social insurance against industrial accidents implementing measures aimed at preventing accidents, eliminating the threat to workers’ health caused by working conditions, in Vol. B.:

– Provides policyholders necessary consultations, it contributes to the creation and implementation of an effective OSH management system;

– Participates in the development of the central bodies of executive power of the state, regional and sectoral programs to improve the state of security, working conditions and working environment and their implementation; training, raising the level of knowledge of workers, the question of labor protection; organization development and manufacture of personal protective equipment of workers; the implementation of scientific research in the field of occupational health and medicine;

– Checks the status of prevention and labor protection in enterprises involved in the investigation group accidents, accidents with a fatal outcome and possible disabilities, as well as occupational diseases;

– Implement the promotion of safe and harmless working conditions, organizing the creation of thematic films, radio and television programs, issues and distributes the regulations, manuals, journals, and other professional literature, posters, memos, etc. on social insurance against accidents and occupational safety;

– Participates in the development of legislative and other normative acts on labor protection;

– Study and disseminate the positive experience of the creation of safe and harmless conditions of production;

– Provides businesses on the basis of irrevocable financial assistance to address particularly urgent problems on labor protection;

– Performs other maintenance work.

Implementation of statutory functions and duties of the Social Insurance Fund of accidents to prevent accidents rests with the insurance experts on labor protection. These may be people with higher professional education in the specialty labor protection specialist or a person with a higher technical, medical education, who have experience of practical work in the company for at least three years and an appropriate license issued by a specially authorized central executive authority.

Insurance experts on labor protection are entitled to:

– Unhindered and at any time to visit the company to verify the status of environment and safety and preventive work on these issues;

– The composition of the relevant committees to take part in the investigation of accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as examination on the protection of employees of enterprises;

– Receive from employers explanations and information volts. h. in writing, about the status of occupational safety and health;

– Participate in the work of commissions on labor protection of enterprises;

– Makes business owners, executive bodies of state supervision over the protection of labor representation on the violation of labor protection legislation and to demand the adoption of economic sanctions or prosecution of officials who have committed these violations, as well as banning the further operation of jobs sites and shops that threatens the health or life of employees;

– Draw up protocols on administrative violations in the cases provided by law;

– To participate as independent experts in the work of commissions on acceptance testing and commissioning of production facilities, means of production and personal protective equipment and control devices.

Insurance experts on labor protection carry out their activities in accordance withts on labor protection, prevention of industrial accidents and occupational diseases. the Regulation on the service of insurance exper