How to avoid accidents during the autumn fishing

Autumn – favorite time fishing lovers. However, any body of water, even for a long time friend, is a place of particular risk. Therefore, every lover of fish lo effect needed constant attention and adherence to basic safety measures.

In autumn the water temperature is only 7-8 degrees, and if the boat overturn, a fisherman will be in the water, soaked clothing immediately pull him down, and the cold water will hamper the movement. Saved in such a situation is quite difficult. Already have an account accidents associated with the fishermen.
In this connection, it is recommended to observe a number of security measures:
– The main condition when fishing from a boat – compliance with care and a life jacket;
– Ability to swim;
– Before leaving for the reservoir, check the condition of the boat, the oars and oarlocks;
– If the boats, check for air leakage through the valves. It’s enough to moisten with water valves;
– Do not block the bottom of the boat near his seat: tackles and necessary accessories neatly along the sides.
The inflatable boat can not put anything on his feet. They should always be free from things, gear and various ropes;
– Do not overload your boat. Make sure that there is no accumulation of water;
– Do not keep the boat sideways to the strong winds and waves;
– When fishing is located in the middle of the standing of the boat, spreading her legs for greater stability.The inflatable boat up to his full height is strictly prohibited;
– In the rubber boat fishing can not be sitting on the board or on the board, thrown from side to side.Afloat in a boat can not sleep;
– Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.
If it does happen, so that the boat capsized, try to maintain composure. Climb on it is meaningless, because the overturned boat is not too stable. Just grab for her and intensive footwork, the conclusions stranded.
Take care of yourself and your safety, you will not only get positive emotions, but also save your life.Enjoy the fishing!