The main causes of accidents at work

The main causes of accidents

Conventionally, they can be divided into organizational, technological, sanitary-hygienic and physiological reasons.
Organizational reasons include lack of education, worker training, lack of experience and skills in the work, neglecting safety standards, lack of discipline, lack of responsibility (the instructions, technical guidance, rules, exploitation, etc.)
Technological reasons – it is the low technical level of equipment and technology, the disparity of their characteristics with international standards, failure and process upsets, low effectiveness of protective measures, fault protection, and accessories.
Sanitation and hygiene reasons include the requirements of the discrepancy sanitary standards (regulations and standards), features the work environment (lighting, climate, noise, vibration, and various radiation, etc.). These reasons contribute to more rapid decrease in efficiency, leading to tedious ening and as a result – poor coordination, decreased attention and increase the likelihood of injury.
Physiological causes – physical and neuro-psychological ne-regruzki, state of fatigue and other mental states that arise as a result of external influences or inherent in a given individual, contributing to fatigue.