Psychological causes of accidents. Autoaggression.


Whether there is the matter with you, that you run across the road right in front of a speeding car? Or late at night, returning home in the dark, quiet lanes, choose a short but dangerous journey? So, it’s time to sound the alarm!

You seem to be deliberately looking for trouble, going to unnecessary risk. There is nothing in the world that would be worth the Life!

Such a condition when a person is aware of the danger, but neglects her in psychotherapy is called a manifestation of self-aggression.

Autoaggression – is aggression directed at themselves, unconscious desire for self-destruction, death.And the result of auto-aggression could be an illness or accident. This man wants to live consciously and not think about death, but his soul, alas, it is looking for. And hardly anyone would think to blame all the misfortunes yourself, because no one wants to consciously harm themselves.

But many accidents can be traced to negligence of the person. For example, a person crossing the street in the wrong place and hit by a car. Or, in the spring, when the snow melts, walking directly under the windows, and risks shlopotat a “bolt from the blue,” or icicle. Or late at night catches a passing car, and maybe invite a stranger home. In these situations, it is, ignoring the danger, as if deliberately seeking for himself the damage goes to unnecessary risk. And thus may be a victim of an accident. So can manifest aggression directed at themselves.

Such provocative behavior is called victimization (in English. Victim language the word translates as a victim). For example, if a girl gets into an unfamiliar car or vote during the night on the road, walking in the park late at night (all manifestations of self-aggression), it unconsciously provokes an attack on their behavior themselves. So autoaggression may cause an accident. And so the victim unconsciously attracts Aggressor (tormentors Executioner). The victim (the person occupying the position of victims) aggression alternating with self-aggression. If the victim has no possibility or strength to show aggression, she drew aggression against themselves (often unknowingly).

There are also situations when due to fatigue or emotional load in humans appear distraction and inattention. And people may not notice the car fall on level ground and get a bruise or a fracture.And the danger of the situation in which he finds himself, the higher its aggression against ourselves.
Of course, if extreme circumstances someone sacrifices himself to save others – is not autoaggression, but a manifestation of love.

Autoaggression or not?

How do you determine in which cases the culprit was autoaggression?
For example, if a person got in trouble in the street: he was beaten.Here it is necessary to consider whether the victim the opportunity to choose a less dangerous road, where over crowded and light, and an earlier time for walking.

If you get into trouble, and even more than once, it means that you have problems that violate the self-preservation instinct. It is quite possible that such cases recur and can lead to tragedy.Therefore, it is worth considering that your life is not so clear what is happening to you, be more careful. And to try to eliminate the cause of self-destruction (self-aggression).

If it is impossible to cope with autoaggression independently refer to apsychologist. It is better to come to a personal consultation, oralignment. Here you will be able to work out the reasons for your self-aggression, and part with the role of victim.

There are times when a child gets into trouble. This indicates troubles in family relations, although everything may look fine. The child picks up intuitively, that the house is something wrong, and it responds to illness or injury. Some children getting into accidents, attracting the attention of parents in such a way, it is – a call for parental love. In any case, the cause of accidents and trauma in children lies in the relationship in the family. This can work out the balance without the participation of the child.

Corporal disease can also be considered as a manifestation of self-aggression, or as an unconscious signal the body that it is necessary to change something in my life. For example, the cause of ulcers is often a sense of guilt, that person may not be aware of.Anything can happen on a subconscious level. A person experiencing guilt, always unconsciously looking for a penalty that is showing autoaggression. And it can punish himself through illness, injury (for example, fell and broke his leg), accident (hit by a car), destructive relationships for themselves (for example, unrequited love). Find out what shows you a disease (or symptom), trauma, unpleasant situation, the relationship can be devastating to the arrangement or a personal consultation.

Autoaggression can manifest and self-flagellation, samoedstvom, self-abasement. An extreme form of self-aggression – it’s suicide.